Total amount steps for
#Antarctica2048  so far…

Thank You! Dank! Merci! Vielen dank! Gracias! Ngiyabonga! أَلْف شُكْر Thank you everybody around the world!

It was a historic day! The first Walk coordinated from the Netherlands. We are receiving many beautiful messages and stories. A great lot of people have been walking like in America, Germany, China, Norway, Kenya, Australia, Argentina. Yes we will continue! Every year until 2048.
Next to the annual THE WALK we introduce THE WALK ON. With this we give people who have indicated to take more and more steps for the preservation of Antarctica.

Walkers in the walk of fame:

Are you in it?! On this page > photos and videos you’ll find all vids where you’ll see who has walked and where. Beautiful videos, beautiful places. All for the ultimate goal #antarctica2048.
On behalf of all Walkers! Thank you all! Extra thanks to OCEAN for all visibility.
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